Pot Pie

Our Story

Laurie Lamb is the owner and creative mind behind pot Pot Pie. She fuses her passion for healthy food and meaningful craft into each pie. Honoring her Southern roots through traditional recipes and partnerships with local food producers, Laurie upholds a spirit of friendship and hospitality in and outside of the shop. She began making her pies at home, giving them as gifts to neighbors who had recently had children or were experiencing difficult times due to illness and they caught like wildfire. Soon she was taking orders and began growing her business with a eye towards convenience and nutrition. In her own transition to becoming a single mother, Laurie found empowerment and satisfaction in making healing meals from scratch. Pot Pie is now in its eighth year of business and continues to expand, changing the world for the better one pie at a time.

The Pies 

 Our take and bake pies are an easy way to have a gourmet meal without the cooking and clean up. Each pie is made from scratch using all natural ingredients and our signature hand rolled crust. We use humanely raised chicken and beef for our savory pies as well as offer vegetarian and gluten- free options. We are proud to be a USDA inspected facility and produce everything to their standards. You can purchase our pies at our shop in Asheville or at one of our markets in Western North Carolina. Let us do the cooking for you!

Our Mission 

Our goal is to provide our community with comforting and healthy meals with a home cooked touch. The ingredients we select and the way we prepare them set us apart from mass produced pies in both flavor, nutrition and quality.

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